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What We Offer

Our emotions are hardwired into us by our evolution. They are a compass for how we are and what we need. They provide a map for us in our relationships with others. However, if we have experienced emotions as frightening or overwhelming, we might cut off from them or ignore them. This leads to anxiety and depression and a sense of drifting through life. Instead, if we allow ourselves to feel our emotions and attend to them, they can have a transformative effect. Feeling anger and attending to it will lead to a sense of empowerment and enable us to assert our needs. We can help you to understand how you are and co-create alternative strategies to manage your emotions and find a new direction. Our aim is to work with you to improve your relationship with yourself and with others leading to emotional wellbeing. We can offer flexible terms to suit your needs.

We offer:

  • One to one appointments

  • Block therapy

  • Short, medium or longer term therapy

  • Some Saturday/evening appointments

  • Supervision for other practitioners

  • Academic supervision